Made | Studio  was born in Milan in 2010 from an idea of Marco Tonin, Emiliano Palma and Daniele Cremona.

In made | studio three different souls and visions of the three founders coexist: an architect, an engineer and a designer. The different expertises in the team, during the time, took shape to an idea of the project as a “research area”, a really innovative approach mixing up elements from architecture, design, art and poetry. This aspect goes togheter with a solid technical base, unavoidable in a so complex field as the industrial design is.

Today the studio successfully operates in architecture, industrial design, automotive design, 3D modeling, and is involved in a comprehensive professional activity joining styling, design, engineering, r & d.

Since 2013 made | studio is part of a group including Model 5 (3D Modeling) SM Engineering (engineering) and AM Costruzione Modelli (prototyping and phisical models); togheter with its partners, operating as one integrated structure, the group is able to supply a complete professional support along the whole design process, from the creative concept until the product engineering and production.