made | studio is design, architecture, art, communication, fashion, engineering, but above all is the fusion and relationship between these different spirits

made | studio is CONTAMINATION

made | studio is the place where the creative concept takes shape becoming PROJECT and finally PRODUCT.

Our passion is to image, create and define the industrial product design. We are a multidisciplinary team, who chose to join togheter to provide a new synthesis of our competences, with one aim stuck in our mind: THE QUALITY PROJECT AND ITS MEANING.

We have a particular approach and we like to call it “realistic design”: from the beginning, togheter with aesthetic and emotional features, we consider technical, economical and technological constraint, in relationship with the client/market.

This innovative approach translates itself into a methodology having at the center the most advanced 3D and virtual reality technologies, in order to simulate from the beginning the implications of every aesthetic and stylistic choice. The final result is a design refinement process faster and with higher quality, saving time, money and resources for the benefit of the client.