cas03From the encounter of the founders of  made | studio and SM engineering arises the idea of a work group focused on the CAS surface modelling, that is the crucial design phase putting into reality the creative style concept (core field of made | studio) and giving the input to the following engineering/industrialization phases (area of competence of SM Engineering). Model 5 has born to manage this delicate design process phase that, especially in the automotive field, requires the highest specialisation and accuracy. Model 5 team is made up of high level professionals, adopting the most restrictive quality standards in order to match the specifications and requirements even of the most discerning clients in automotive field.



cas01Starting from the concept generated from the style research, and studying the architecture of the parts to adopt, the project takes shape including also the possible carry-over elements. Thanks to the most advanced software tools in order to optimize and refine the style surfaces, Model 5 team can rapidly provide style surfaces of the maximum quality, compatibly with the project constraints, starting from the C-Class until the final A-Class surfaces. Moreover, in order to correctly evaluate and show the process development and the final output, Model 5 can setup periodic virtual presentations, photorealistic renders, videos and virtual tours.